Safari vs. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

The battle of the browsers is an intriguing one. While Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser that is offered as a part of the Mozilla Application Suite managed by the Mozilla Corporation, the graphical browser Safari is a default browser for the Mac OS (Operating System). Both of them were released around the same time in 2003.

Safari Pros

It was only recently that the Safari browser was made compatible with the Windows Operating System. This clean and smart browser is extremely efficient and smart. The developers have focused more on the browsing experience and less on the browser appearance. Bookmarking chosen pages very easy using the Safar browser and it also supports RSS feeds. The speed, the cover flow format of browsing history, the resizable areas of text, the bookmark organizer that helps import the bookmarks a lot more easily are a definite plus.

Safari Cons

The main problem with Safari is locating links and the other navigational elements like tabs and buttons is a tad difficult because it is not exactly intuitive. The other disadvantage is that dragging existing bookmarks into new tabs deletes them. There is integration of plugins and you really cannot understand which tab is open due to the similarity in the shade across all the pages. The button to close the button is on the left while right clicking activates “onClick” javascript. Moreover, operating Safari on the Windows OS does not address the issue of security as users of the Safari browser that functions through the Mac OS have never had to worry about viruses and security.

Firefox Pros

The best part about Firefox is that there are constant upgrades and changes made to it to enhance user experience. With each and every version, users are given a lot more options in terms of new features, the bookmarking system and a wide repertoire of themes and add-ons. Firefox is a fun browser and its browser stronghold can be attributed to its customizability. Be it the resumable download manager or tag-ready bookmarking, this browser offer a rich and enjoyable browsing experience.

Firefox Cons

The main disadvantages of Firefox include compatibility issues with websites. These websites may have pages that need both ActiveX and VBScript that are not supported by this browser. The speed of the browser also proves to be a disadvantage. As Firefox is a fully loaded and heavy duty browser, the overall speed of the browser is not great for people who use a dial-up connection. The browser is best suited for people who have high-speed internet connectivity. It also uses a lot of memory to function and there have been problems of browser freezing and closing when too many tabs are open at the same time.

Conclusion/Bottom Line

Recent surveys suggest that as of September, 2010, Firefox is the second most widely used browser. According to Net applications and other sources, based on performance data, on an average nearly with 22.96% of users across the globe said they would continue using Firefox.

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Both browsers are trying to be the best in the HTML5/CSS3 war. The first battles have begun, with Safari recently upgrading to a 5th version, and Firefox continuing development on their 3rd major version.

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Thu, Oct 14, 2010 10:25pm
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I'll typically use Firefox for all of the great plugins. I use Safari to see all the great CSS3 stuff coming out these days.

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Fri, Aug 6, 2010 7:29pm
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